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Here are some suggestions that will help both of us as you prepare for your cleaning:

  • Please remove small items from areas that are going to be cleaned, i.e. magazine racks, floor plants, toys, books, etc.

  • We recommend and prefer that you can remove breakables & personal items of irreplaceable or high value from the service area. 

  • Please pin or fold up any full-length draperies so that they will be at least 6 inches off the floor.

  • Please pin or fold up your mattress skirts in the areas that we are cleaning.

  • Please put your pets in a safe, quiet place where our cleaning won't disturb them.

  • During the pre-inspection walk-through with your technicians, please advise them of any special instructions to follow regarding moving your furniture. It is helpful to know about weak legs, loose tops or previous repairs.

  • Please call attention to any spots or stains which may require special cleaning techniques.

  • Computer equipment, china cabinets, sectional sofas, entertainment centers, antique and fragile furniture cannot be moved. However, carpet underneath such items can be cleaned where sufficient room is available, or we can up to the edge and around the base.

  • A special note about odors: We do everything possible to reduce or eliminate pet odors. However, due to the depth of contamination, 100% success may not be attained. Also, for several days after cleaning you may notice an elevated odor due to higher humidity levels.

  • For safety sake, be sure to keep a very close eye on your curious little ones.

Special After-Care Information:

  • CAUTION  - Walking from a wet carpet onto a hard surface can be very slippery! Please put a rug or towel on hard surfaces as a reminder. For health & safety, keep children & pets off recently cleaned carpet for at least 4 hours or until completely dry. Most of the drying & Fiber Protection of the carpet, takes place in the first 4 hours.

  • Carpet drying time can vary widely due to density of your carpet, humidity & the degree of soil. To speed dry, minimize traffic on the carpet, ventilate the area as outside weather allows, (not during rain or hot / humid days) & increase air circulation. Carpet drying time may vary from only 4 hours under ideal conditions to 24 hours in wet winter months. If Fabric Protection was applied post-cleaning, drying time may be lengthened but still should be dry in 24 hours.

  • To avoid stains or rust spots, please don't put any small items such as floor lamps, tables, chairs, magazine baskets, etc., back on the carpet until after 24 hours. Do not remove any pads or blocks our technicians may have placed under furniture until the carpet is completely dry. Drying takes longer under pads & blocks - 48 hours.

  • Rippling can occur under certain conditions even when carpet is properly installed. The adhesive that holds the backing together can absorb moisture and expand. In most cases, this rippling will disappear within 72 hours.

  • If a Beacon Carpet Cleaning, Inc. technician finds on your premise, or reasonably believes he/she has found, hazardous waste, harmful materials (ex. asbestos or mold), or the presence of other materials that will necessitate additional services, such as the presence of a substantial amount of powder carpet freshener, adhesives, or other cleaning agents, chemicals or materials, the Client understands that the presence of these materials will require additional cleaning costs and potentially multiple cleaning visits. Client agrees to assume all costs of additional steps to clean or otherwise address such condition. Client understands that these additional treatment costs are not part of your initial Estimate or Invoice.

Thank you for working with us. We look forward to serving you.

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